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Welcome to the game of Empire on the HPe3000. It is a wargame of strategy originally developed at the Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington in 1973 on an HP2000C computer. It allows for up to 255 simultaneous players at any one time. The game is played using a terminal emulator with "Telnet" or "VT/Mgr" protocol (Telnet usually comes free with many operating systems, but they are usually limited to VT-100 emulation. It will work but you won't get HP terminal special characters)

Once you have configured your terminal emulator, have it connect to the following address: empire.game-host.org. You will get a EMPIRECLASSIC: prompt. At this point you need to enter a "HELLO" command. Since there may several games of Empire running at any one time and any number of other text "adventure" type games, the appropriate log on is below is typical. If you care to show an identity the < yourname> is optional, it can be something intimidating to other players. The only requirement is that it be 8 characters or less and must start with a letter (no wierd punctuation characters.)

Log On Instructions Game Type Size Islands Started Expires Days
HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER.EMPIRE1 Test/Experimental 299x299 10 23-Feb-2021 30-Mar-2021 35
HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER.EMPIRE2 Practice/Learning 399x399 20 31-Jan-2021 22-Mar-2021 50
HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER. EMPIRE3 Normal 499x499 40 07-DEC-2020 17-MAR-2021 100
HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER.EMPIRE4 Tournament 599x599 99 07-DEC-2020 11-APR-2021 125
HELLO <yourname>,PLAYER.EMPIRE5 Full Sized 999x999 255 07-DEC-2020 07-DEC-2021 364

The <yourname> followed by a comma is optional, it must be 8 characters or less and start with a letter.
(Of course, do not use the "<" and ">" symbols.)

There are also 10 accounts for custom/private games in accounts named EMPIREC#. Such games are perfect for educators as a classroom project in human interaction.

All that needs to be done is contact SYSADMIN to build a custom/private game. (Remove the "nospam".)
You may use anything for (yourname) as long as it is 8 characters or less and starts with a letter.

The various games of Empire increase in length and difficulty starting from "EMPIRE1" lasting 35 days and accruing time points every minute, to "EMPIRE5" which lasts a year and accumulates a time point every 11 minutes

Due to numerous requests for documentation and instructions, I have added the following documents cut and pasted from the various help commands from the game. Also I have added some personal hints and implied functions that can be inferred from playing but are not explicitly stated by reading the online documentation. If you feel brave however, you can glean self-instruction by typing "HELP COMMANDS" once you have already logged on.

Examples shown in the links below are taken from actual games against real world opponents. If the names of your Islands or Nations look familiar, it is because I created a faux opponent to play against you. Therefore it is possible your Empire may be recorded in this Web page's archive forever!

Click here to go to Empire on groups.io.
Click here to go to the Empire-on-HP3000 LinkedIn Group.
Click here to join or view a PHP forum for Empire.
Also make direct suggestions to the Programmer who keeps Empire on the HP3000 up to date.

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